Saturday, September 22, 2012

Get It Straight-Level App for iPhone

I often stray off the intended path when surfing the net. We've all been there; you're looking at a page, and off to the right something catches your eye and you think 'Oooo, what's that'. Then off you go.
So the other day I came across some apps for decorators and the DIY-ers. One of them was this handy level app for the iPhone. Really cool! Of course I wouldn't be using it to level a wall or anything, but wouldn't it be handy to use it to level pictures on your wall if you think they look a little off kilter and you just aren't sure? Or set your iPhone on a table to fix that wobbly table leg.
Best of all, it's a FREE app!

Check it out and get some things straightened out in your life.......

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