Friday, September 7, 2012

Colour Blocking


The trend of colour blocking (or colour zoning) is still alive and well in the world of interior decorating.
Colour blocking is used to highlight a feature or add interest to a space and can be incorporated into your walls, ceilings, or even floors. And the beauty is, anyone can do it!
All you need to do is select a zone and bring in a different colour than the area that surrounds it. The most common approach is with paint but you can also do it with fabric or even rugs.
Colour blocking is a license to have fun with colour without committing to expensive pieces that you may tire of or that may not go with future decorating changes. You can use different coloured circles, squares, rectgangles and even overlap them; have fun with it!
Below are a few examples of how colour blocking can be used to add interest, contrast or even a bit of whimsy to a space. 

Colour BlockingColour blocking has been used here to bring colour into an otherwise stark space. Without it, the walls would virtually disappear.

If you're apprehensive about painting blocks of colour on your walls, you can test the waters by painting the inside of some cubbies or the back of a bookcase. This room also has colour blocking in the yellow along the top of the wall and even in the area rug.

 You don't have to go bold. This design uses colour blocking to bring in a second colour but it's soft and calming. Notice how they've used it to add interest by highlighting the flowers on the wall.

Here's a terrific example of how to incorporate colour blocking through the use of fabrics. It's even applied to the ceiling! This really works well to establish interest and grandeur to a small space without over crowded furniture and accessories.

This is colour zoning at it's boldest! The designer has chosen to apply distinguishing colours to entire walls rather that isolated areas. They've used vivid and pure colours which compliment the artwork and bring in a good dose of fun. This one is definitely not for the faint at heart!

Colour blocking Style My Home
This design illustrates how you can highlight a feature using colour blocking. Painting the fireplace a vibrant orange reinforces it as the focal point of the room.

I absolutely LOVE this idea. Rather than the television becoming the focal point of the room (which, unfortunately, they almost always do), the purple is what your eye is drawn to first--Yay!!!

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