Thursday, January 3, 2013

Don't Get Your Garland in a Knot!

How to Store Your Beaded Garland
I bought a big plastic tube of beaded garland a few years back, and when I took it out to hang on my tree,  it was just one big frustrating knot--ALL 100 FEET OF IT!!!
I figured I had only two options: untangle it or pop some corn, get a needle and thread and start stringing. I, of course, opted to untangle the pretty, shiny string of beads. Five hours later (no, I am NOT exaggerating), I had what seemed to be a never ending string of gold beads that continually wanted to get re-tangled. I ended up cutting the garland into more manageable lengths of about 25' or so and draped them on my tree.
When the holidays were over and it was time to take the tree down, I was taking the garland off and it all came flooding back. Yikes! I did NOT want to go through the untangling process again next year.

Here's how I store my beaded garland now 
to avoid being thrown into Grinch-mode come tree decorating time:

If your garland is really long, cut it into more manageable lengths of 20-25ft.
Cut some cardboard sheets (corrugated seems to work best) of about 1ft x 2ft. 
Along 2ft edges of the cardboard, cut slits from end to end about 1/4" long and 1" apart.
As you take your strand of beads off the tree, wrap them around the cardboard panels securing the string between the beads into the slits. 
Voila! They're not going anywhere and you're not going to go crazy for 5 hours trying to untangle them the following year!

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