Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Don't underestimate the power of paint!
The biggest impact in your space may most likely be the least expensive investment of all--a can of paint. Paint can make a room cozy, cool, calming, energizing or dreary, so, regardless of what you put in it, the the real power is in the paint! A room can be transformed without changing anything but the colour on the walls, so when you need a change you can do it quickly and without breaking the bank! 
If you keep your staple items neutral and timeless you can redecorate around them easily whenever you're itching for a new look. Just change the colour on the walls, bring in some new accent pillows, update a few accessories and VOILA!--a brand new space to enjoy!
The following pictures show just how much colour can affect the look and feel of a space. Nothing has been changed in each example but the paint colour and a few accessories.

This ochre colour with a hint of green gives the space a rich earthy feel

 A cool deep blue gives the same room a more serious look
but remains enveloping and rich

A mocha tone creates a contemporary and crisp look
while still bringing warmth to the space

Having trouble deciding on a colour? White is always clean, refreshing and classic

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